Buying Office Furniture: The 4 Key Considerations from Nova Solutions

Posted by Jerry Doll on Mon, Jan, 14, 2013 @ 08:01 AM

office spaceBuying office furniture in the institutional or commercial environment necessarily involves bureaucracy and budgets, as well as time constraints and other logistical concerns, even before the actual buying process begins. While many factors, major and minor, may sway the ultimate purchase decision, certain issues always tend to come to the forefront. Recognizing and establishing priorities at the outset is directly related to a favorable outcome. Here are four baseline considerations to keep in mind when buying office furniture:

  1. Space is a finite commodity. Asking the right questions ahead of time helps keep expectations realistic. Exactly how much room is available? Can existing furniture be moved to make room for new additions? Is it possible to consolidate functions and reduce the furniture footprint? An online office layout tool helps create a virtual answer to space issues, before committing to any long-term decisions.
  2. Matching needs to available funds is often a balancing act between the ideal and the real. First, negotiate hard budget figures for any furniture purchase before shopping. Consider all other costs including delivery and setup and nail down precise quotes from vendors. A Nova Solutions sales representative in your area can help keep your site requirements in line with financial realities. 
  3. Office furniture is both a tool of productivity and a provider of workplace comfort and health. The science of ergonomics blends both functions. If proper ergonomics are neglected when buying office furniture, the impact is widespread. Statistics that show the relationship between factors such as sick days or lost productivity and poor office ergonomics are well-established. 
  4. Office furniture should be constructed to withstand heavy workplace use. Standards for useful service life should far exceed home furniture. However, durability and aesthetics need not be mutually exclusive. Drab, “industrial strength” furnishings have been replaced by designer concepts, like Nova Solutions office furniture, that visually enhance the workplace environment.

Since 1988, Nova Solutions has remained on the leading edge of commercial and institutional furnishings and technology. Contact us for more tips to make informed decisions about buying office furniture. 

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