The Look of a Modern Business Training Center

Posted by Jerry Doll on Wed, Jan, 30, 2013 @ 09:01 AM

training centerIn today’s world, formal training tends to be a lifelong process that extends years beyond the conventional K-12 schooling and requires the facilities of a modern training center. Upgrading skills to advance on the job or retraining for an entirely new career are events that can happen at any age. The need for training centers that efficiently and effectively support this process with up-to-date facilities and equipment is greater than ever.

For the most part, centers designed and configured for school-agers or even higher education are not suitable for adult education. Here are some of the elements of a modern training center utilized by mature trainees.

  • Training spaces may include auditoriums for conventional lecture training. These large venues may be subdivided with partitions to create smaller, more intimate lecture environments as required. Conference rooms are suitable for lecture curriculum or discussion and collaboration groups. Seminar rooms can accommodate multipurpose training uses and are usually configured for small groups focusing on specific learning projects.
  • Training center audiovisual rooms feature equipment such as projectors and digital presentation screens, as well as technology furniture like A/V lecterns to control the array of technology.
  • Computer rooms serve as the digital hub of a training center. Along with full Internet connectivity, local area networking (LAN) and technology like Nova Solutions’ Trolley E display system installed in classroom workstations contribute to an organized environment that enhances the learning experience. 
  • A library or reading room on the premises should provide study carrels for individual work, as well as tables to spread out notes and printed material.
  • Because many students attending classes or seminars in adult training centers are also full-time employees, accommodations in small separate rooms should enable these individuals to remain connected to their regular workplace with Internet access and fax machines.  

Since 1988, Nova Solutions has taken the lead in providing the furniture to support education at all levels in schools and industry. Contact us for more advice and expertise in configuring a modern training center. 

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