Classroom Technology: Time to Adapt to the Trend

Posted by Lauren Moffett on Fri, Feb, 01, 2013 @ 09:02 AM

ClassroomIn our growing age of technology, students everywhere are learning earlier and earlier how to use the latest technology. Parents are exposing their children to technology at a young age and are creating the future students of our nation; they are being taught to adapt to new technology and to embrace the changes. I have personally witnessed children as young as 2-years-old learning how to swipe their fingers across their parent’s iPhone to unlock the device. I’ve even seen a 5-year-old navigate her way through a brand new app on my iPad better than I could have.

Our society is taking great strides in teaching our children to become better learners by training them to adapt to new technology. I think this practice is invaluable because these students will someday be adults who adapt, not only to technology, but also, to situations in the work place, in the home, everywhere. We’re instilling kids with a life skill that will be valuable to them for the rest of their lives, so why do schools hesitate to pursue updated technology? One computer for a classroom of 20 students is not going to make the cut anymore. The infographic that follows documents some statistics about the use of technology in the classroom. 

With statistics like these on the rise, why is it that schools still hesitate to pursue technology? For instance, three quarters of students prefer to use tablets over textbooks. If I were a student, I would be included in the 75% that prefer tablets. I've used my tablet for downloading my college textbooks and it was brilliant. If I didn't understand a word, I could highlight the text and search for its meaning. I could view animated graphics that were linked in the body of the textbook (for instance, I had a digital chemistry book that, when we were learning about hydrogen bonds, linked to a website that animated the bond). Plus, digital versions of books are cheaper and engage students more. 

We’ve got the world at our fingertips these days. You need only to type your request into Google and an answer instantly appears. You can research the mechanics behind cars, the physics of color, and the pope’s middle name (Aloisius, by the way) in a span of a few seconds. Schools can video chat with other classrooms across the globe and, by doing so, break down barriers that have never been breached before. With the use of social media, I’ve seen countless stories online of how teachers are engaging even the shiest of students. The possibilities are endless. Technology opens the doors to new worlds, new ways to learn, and helps student achieve their fullest potential. 

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