How The Trolley E System Solves Common Work Space Issues

Posted by Jerry Doll on Wed, Feb, 27, 2013 @ 09:02 AM

trolley eNova Solutions’ Trolley E system addresses many of the issues arising from the conventional "monitor in your face" arrangement of the modern work space. While it’s often impossible to work without a generous expanse of flat-screen display in plain sight when we need it, there’s also no question that it’s sometimes difficult to work with it, around it or in spite of it. Any number of work space issues arise from the simple necessity of having a display available at all times. Fortunately, in many office and educational environments, the Trolley E system can be the solution. 

The Trolley E

The Trolley E incorporates a standard flat-screen monitor stowed in a vertical recess within a desk, workstation, lectern or other office furniture. In the retracted position, the monitor disappears, the recess slot closes and the entire expanse of desktop is available for other purposes. Once a computer display is required, the push of a button automatically lifts the monitor, which rises vertically out of the desk to a preset height for optimum visual and ergonomic comfort.

Benefits Provided

The installation of a Trolley E in office furniture facilitates the sort of multipurpose functions the modern collaborative office requires. A standard desk can rapidly switch roles from a hub of paperwork to a meeting place for collaboration to an individual computer workstation. Stowed monitors are also less vulnerable to damage, and the snarl of power and data cables is eliminated. A less cluttered, more aesthetic workplace contributes to greater efficiency and organization.

Visual contact among workers as well as with speakers or presentations at the front of the office is also enhanced by the capacity to make monitors that disrupt the line of sight vanish at the push of a button. Where numerous desks or workstations incorporate Trolley E monitor lifts, control of the monitors can be assigned to a central switching unit to deploy or stow all monitors simultaneously. 

Nova Solutions offers problem-solving alternatives for the modern, technological workplace. Ask us for more information about the benefits of the Nova Trolley E system monitor lift.

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