Why a Downview Display? What You're Looking at Could Be Confidential

Posted by Beth Brinton on Tue, Feb, 19, 2013 @ 09:02 AM

Downview CompNova Solutions' Downview Display provides a technological answer to issues of confidentiality and privacy. Both individuals and businesses are concerned with maintaining the security of personal information that may be displayed on desk-mounted computer monitors in offices, hospitals and retail establishments. Often these monitors are insecure, and information on them can be readily observed by bystanders.

Regulations have been enacted that compel information gatherers to take greater efforts to secure information on displays. For example, revisions to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act require that facilities involved in health care safeguard all patient information from casual or deliberate viewing by unauthorized persons in the immediate vicinity. In addition, educational institutions that utilize computers to administer tests are concerned about maintaining the integrity of the testing process by preventing prying eyes in the classroom from glimpsing information displayed on the monitors of other students.

The Downview system incorporates the flat screen display below the surface of the desk, workstation or counter, beneath a tempered glass plate. Angled at an ergonomically friendly 35 degrees -- approximately the same position as a book held in your hands -- confidential information on the monitor is visible only to the individual occupying the desk or workstation. The Downview configuration frees the desktop space for other purposes and promotes a multiuse environment. Safely recessed within the furnishing, expensive monitors are also less likely to be damaged or stolen.

Other benefits accompany the use of the Downview system. Users now have a clear line of sight to customers, teachers or other individuals standing directly opposite the desk. In a busy office, workers are less obstructed by the desk-mounted monitor and a more open, collaborative environment is created. The complete absence of the typical snarl of data cables and power cords on the desk is another Downview perk that creates a less cluttered work space and makes a positive contribution to office aesthetics.  

Nova Solutions has defined the leading edge of creative use of technology furniture since 1988. Contact us for information about the Downview Display and its role in maintaining confidentiality in your workplace or classroom.

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