Nova Office Furniture Dovetails With Your Design Criteria

Posted by Jerry Doll on Wed, Feb, 13, 2013 @ 09:02 AM

nova office furnitureAre you building or remodeling an office space? What style do you prefer: traditional or contemporary? No matter your preference, Nova office furniture dovetails with your design criteria. Here’s a look at the qualities and benefits of both design styles and how Nova office furniture helps you reach your aesthetic and functional goals.

Traditional Nova office furniture

Traditional office design has a rich, elegant look about it. Wood is almost always the material of choice for executive desks, credenzas and armoires of this style. Traditional furniture is often symmetrical, giving it a solid, permanent feel. As the name suggests, traditional furniture never goes out of style and easily matches your existing interior design if you decorate with muted earth tones and other conservative furnishings.

Nova’s double pedestal desks and bow front desks are available in traditional finishes such as empire mahogany, walnut and English oak. Choose traditional drawer handles such as a stainless steel cup or polished chrome steel handle. Both of these stately desks, along with many other Nova office furniture options, are sure to add functional and aesthetic appeal to your home or corporate office.

Contemporary Nova office furniture

Contemporary designs are popular in homes and office buildings looking for something with more individuality. Bold styling, colors and configurations are available if you want your office to make a statement. You’re more likely to choose glass or brightly-colored plastic if your home or corporate office already includes modern fixtures, colors and decorations.

With Nova office furniture, there’s no shortage of contemporary styles to choose from. Nova’s P-shaped office work spaces and freestanding asymmetrical work surfaces are functional, aesthetically pleasing and modern. While traditional finishes are available, bold colors are as well, including watermelon brush, Tuscan olive and citrus. Choose a modern wavy handle or one with a chrome matt finish to match the modern design. These and many other contemporary choices are available from Nova office furniture.

To learn more about creating the perfect office look for your home or corporation, contact Nova Solutions today.

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