Tablets in 2013: Coming to a Classroom Near You

Posted by Lauren Moffett on Fri, Feb, 15, 2013 @ 09:02 AM

Apple iPadTablets are popular; everyone wants one. From 3-year-olds to octegenarians, tablets are becoming the technology of choice in, this, our year of 2013. You need only step into a college classroom, visit your local library, or even stop by your grocery store to witness the sheer amount of tablets that are being used today. Teachers utilize them to engage their students in new ways, librarys are catering to the e-reader by supplying digital rentals of books, and mothers even use their tablets in the grocery store to access their grocery list or recipes. My local library even has weekly classes called, “Mastering Your Tablet” for adults who need assistance. 

The devices speak for themselves.

Easy to carry, easy to use, it’s no wonder that they’re so popular. I recently taught my 70-year-old grandfather how to use Fruit Ninja, a game app that lets you swipe your finger on the screen to simulate slicing through digital fruit that has been thrown in the air; bizarre, yes, but I honestly had never seen my grandfather so captivated with technology. Though, I think I should add, he did later hold the tablet to his ear when he thought it was ringing… so we’ve got some work to do. Apart from experiencing my grandfather with a tablet, I’ve had the priveledge of witnessing a younger generation interact with a tablet. I tutor a 5-year-old a few times a week that has her very own iPad; we use different apps to draw letters and practice counting. She’s brilliant with it. She’s just learning how to read, but she knows the ins and outs of each app we use. Anyone can use these great devices and the proof is everywhere. 

Tablets are creating a storm in the education realm.

According to the Pearson Foundation, tablet usage among college students has tripled in the last year. Specifically, the iPad line of tablets have had the most impact on tablets in education. The study conducted surveyed 1,206 college students and 204 high school seniors on the usage and potential of mobile technology in higher education. The study further goes on the say that 63% of college students believe that digital textbooks, read on a tablet, will replace physical textbooks in the near future. And with the sleek design of the tablets, I can see why not having to carry multiple textbooks to classes would be a large plus for students. 

As you can see, tablets are everywhere; they’re becoming more and more useful as they become more popular. They are easy to use and are priced just right so that anyone could afford to purchase a tablet of their own. Tablets, with their all-in-one interface, create an easy-to-use system that everyone loves. I look forward to seeing their many new uses in the future.

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