Where to Find the Latest Lesson Plans for Your Classroom

Posted by Lauren Moffett on Mon, Mar, 04, 2013 @ 10:03 AM

Classroom LearningIn our world of changing classroom technology and curriculum content, you’ll be happy to know that there are resources for lesson plans that keep up with the times! Check out our list below of websites that will help you keep student engaged and happy: 

Google – Cost: FREE

Not only does Google have you covered on the search engine front, they’ve thought about your classroom as well. In their Google For Education site, they list content and lesson plan ideas for every kind of student. The best part? The lesson plans use Google’s top line-up: Docs, Apps, and Search. Create posters using Docs, teach your kids about blogs through Google’s Blogger, and use Google’s Calendar to map out the history of Art. Google’s tools go beyond your day-to-day life and this site proves this. Expand your students’ horizons by exposing them to the limitless possiblities posed when using Google. And, what’s more, you’re teaching your students to use Google to it’s greatest potential, a very handy real-world skill to have. Soon, your kids will be cruising through the many tools Google offers. 

Pinterest – Cost: FREE

Pinterest is a great website, in it’s own right; the pages are flooded with pictures for you to sort through and collect for your own well-being, pleasure, and amusement. It’s addicting and entertaining. But did you know that Pinterest has also started a following of teachers? Just visit their Education themed search and you’ll see what I mean. There are pages of creative lesson plans, print outs, educational games, and even ideas of how to utilize technology in your classroom. No matter the grade you teach, the children you hope to reach, or the tools you have access to, there are ideas for everyone. Need a cover a specific topic? Simply use Pinterest’s search feature at the top of the page to search for the desired subject material. Vouila! Magic. Instantly you are brought to new, practical ideas. The best part? The people that post this information to the site want to share what has worked for them, so it’s almost as if you have a friend letting you know what has worked. Check it out! 

Teachers Pay Teachers – Cost: Varies

Teachers Pay Teachers has spurred some drama in the teaching realm in the last year. But, when it comes down to the basic need of teachers, this is a great site. While not all of the lesson plans are free, unlike Google and Pinterest, this site covers a much more thorough spread of education: from Pre-K to College, you’ll find what you need. Search by student type, subject, or even activity and you’ll find the latest and greatest content for your kids. The best part? The lesson plans are rated based on the lesson plan’s actual success in the classroom. Real teachers leave real feedback about the activity or worksheet, so that you can invest your money in successful products. Great, right? Also, do you have a great lesson plan that you’d like to share? Post it! Sell your worksheet or lesson plan and generate a new form of revenue for yourself.

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