The Right Ergonomic Chairs for Your Nova-Equipped Workplace

Posted by Jerry Doll on Wed, Mar, 27, 2013 @ 09:03 AM

ergonomic chairProper ergonomic chairs in the workplace are much more than a perk for employees; they’re good business. Employee comfort and health affect insurance costs, productivity, employee turnover and quality control. In most cases, a sitting position is recommended for workplace tasks that don't require mobility or great exertion. At the same time, remaining seated for extended periods demands ergonomic chairs and office furniture to minimize the health and comfort issues that accompany sedentary work.  

Here are some of the criteria for selecting the right chair for the right purpose in your workplace:

  • The design of the chair should match the desk or workstation and the work being performed. Frequently chairs designed for writing or paperwork at a desk are not adequate for use at a computer workstation or close work at an inspection or assembly position.
  • Seat height as well as backrest tilt and height should have individual adjustments to accommodate a variety of physiques and comfort preferences. 
  • The design of the chair should not limit the worker’s ability to lean forward and backward at will without being restricted by the chair mechanism.  
  • The chair legs and casters should not restrict leg room under the desk or workstation nor interfere with the position of the legs and feet.  
  • Chair adjustments should be sufficient to allow the worker’s feet to rest flat on the floor. Where this is not possible, a footrest should be provided. 
  • The function of the backrest is to provide support for the lower back, not the upper area or shoulders. An ergonomic chair will provide sufficient backrest adjustment to support the lower back.  
  • The leading edge of the chair should curve slightly downward for seated comfort, as well as to ease the transition from standing to sitting. 
  • While some workers may request armrests, they should be removable to accommodate those workers who find they restrict comfortable movement or diminish easy access to the work table.

Since 1988, Nova Solutions has offered furniture options that support employee health and productivity. Contact us for more details about ergonomic chairs in the workplace.

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