Designing and Equipping Your Company Training Center

Posted by Jerry Doll on Mon, Mar, 25, 2013 @ 08:03 AM

training centerEquipping your business training center requires a keen awareness that adult training facilities are not educational classrooms and vice versa. Generally speaking, most of the components that make up an effective K-12 classroom are not relevant to training adults within a company or other vocational environment. Since career changes or advancement into new fields within a company may occur at any point in an adult’s work history, properly equipping your company training center should facilitate a curriculum appropriate to the diverse age and achievement level of the students. 

Training venues

can range from auditoriums to conference or seminar rooms.  Larger spaces can be utilized for conventional lecture environments or partitioned for smaller needs. Conference rooms adapt well to discussion groups or collaborative activities. Seminar rooms have multiple uses for small groups and normally include basic presentation materials such as white boards.  

  • Audio-visual assets are usually placed in dedicated rooms specifically equipped for the purpose. Digital presentation screens as well as overhead projectors are permanently installed. Wired A/V lecterns that can be readily repositioned at various locations are an asset to control all the technology in the room, as well as serve as a focus point for a lecturer or presenter. 
  • While computer rooms are the digital hub of a training center, Internet connectivity is increasingly available throughout all rooms in the center via Wi-Fi. Within the computer center, workstation monitors may be operated by Nova Solutions' Trolley E technology or incorporated inside desks like the Downview monitor system.
  • Individual study resources inside the training center often include library-style study carrels as well as open tables to arrange notes, handouts and other paperwork. 
  • Consideration should be given to the fact that most students in a training center are also full-time employees elsewhere. Accommodating their need to remain connected to their jobs may include a dedicated area with fax machines, scanners, photocopiers and full Internet access.

Nova Solutions offers furniture technology for company or institutional continuing education facilities. Ask us about equipping your company training center to serve the adult student of the 21st century. 

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