Discard the Old Ways to Create an Appealing Classroom, Learning Space

Posted by Jerry Doll on Wed, Mar, 13, 2013 @ 09:03 AM

Classroom techWith the decline of information retention and graduation rates, educators are realizing how important it is to create an engaging, appealing learning space. In the past, classroom furniture has been selected on the sole basis of utilization rates. Picking out furniture to match head counts seems logical enough, but it doesn’t engage students and encourage them to thrive.

Discarding the Old Formulas

It’s time to modify decades of classroom design techniques to better meet student needs. Instead of using the numbers practice (determining the learning space exclusively by the number of students that occupy it), you must use learning theory to design your classroom.

Learning theory states that cognitive, emotional and environmental influences affect the way information is absorbed. Colleges and universities that adhere to this concept foster an appealing learning space where students perform better.

The following principles create more successful students:

  • Active and collaborative learning
  • Students engaging with their teachers
  • Supportive campus environment

Classroom furniture can enhance or detract from each of these points.

Learning in the Classroom

As you strive to create an appealing learning space, consider techniques for choosing the right classroom furniture:

  • Select movable tables and comfortable chairs to allow students to group up while dealing with specialized topics.
  • Choose stackable furniture that can be set aside, thus quickly changing the classroom’s capacity and allowing for larger group activities to take place. Such flexibility encourages collaborative learning.
  • Choose furniture that incorporates technology to enhance learning in a modern age.
  • Consider the purpose of a particular classroom and choose furniture that functions appropriately.
  • Select furniture that enhances a well-designed environment, adding appealing colors, textures and lighting to intangibly inspire student learning. A stimulating environment is essential to creating an appealing learning space.
  • Pick classroom furniture that makes the student feel safe and secure. Sturdy, lasting furniture fosters respect for the learning environment, which can help the student focus on what’s really important in the classroom.

For more information about creating an appealing learning space at your educational institution, please contact NOVA Solutions. We have representatives worldwide to help accomplish your goals.

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