What Is Your Front Office Saying to Your Customers?

Posted by Jerry Doll on Mon, Mar, 11, 2013 @ 09:03 AM

front deskYour front office provides customers with a first impression of your business. They subconsciously assess your products and services based on the feeling they get when they walk through the door. What's your front office saying to your customers? It should be saying that you run a clean, calm, organized establishment so customers feel inclined to make a purchase. Here’s how to give off the right first impression.

  • Keep the space clean - Vacuum the floors throughout the day, dust and clean countertops and tables and ensure fixtures and lighting are in good repair. Keep the front desk organized, uncluttered and free of visible food.
  • Design the front office aesthetically - The goal is to create an atmosphere that meets the preferences of your clientele. If you serve seniors, traditional furniture and artwork goes over best. If you serve families with young children, bright colors and a more playful design is appropriate. No matter what, choose commercial-grade carpet and durable furniture that resists wear and tear. Additionally, provide tables with reading material, adequate lighting, accessible restrooms and plenty of room to move around. Background music is great for setting a relaxing, inviting mood.
  • Hire courteous staff members - Staff the front office with upbeat, attentive employees who can remember customers’ names and set the stage for a positive experience. They should treat everyone with respect and professionalism. The front office is not the place for workplace gossip, snacking, ignored phone calls or ill-tempered staff members. 
  • Make the wait pleasant - Ensure receptionists make customers a priority by alerting the appropriate party of their arrival. If the customer can be seen immediately, wonderful. If not, the receptionist should do everything in their power to make the customer comfortable during the wait. Consider offering refreshments, supplying reading material or providing the Wi-Fi password to help the customer comfortably pass the time.

Making a good impression in your front office is paramount for good business. To learn more about creating an appealing environment for your customers to experience when they enter your business, please contact NOVA Solutions. We have representatives worldwide to help you accomplish your goals.

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