The Lighting In Your Office Workplace: Is It Doing The Job?

Posted by Jerry Doll on Fri, Mar, 22, 2013 @ 14:03 PM

office lightingLighting your workplace properly makes it more efficient as well as more aesthetic. Before the color scheme, before the layout and furnishings, the first impression in any room is made by the quality and positioning of lighting. It affects mood, productivity and even health and safety. Fortunately, ergonomic lighting is a component of office design that you can usually alter or improve without having to wait for a major renovation. Merely changing the technology of the bulbs or upgrading existing fixtures can have a positive effect on the ambience and visual efficiency of an office. These are some simple guidelines for lighting your workplace for maximum benefits:


Workers function more comfortably and productively in conditions of reduced glare and eye strain. In most workplaces, this is facilitated by the use of indirect lighting. Direct light provokes low levels of physical tension and induces fatigue, leading to reduced work output, especially over an eight-hour span. Making exposure more indirect by changing the angle of light, and reducing glare by establishing 40 to 70 feet separation from light fixtures, creates a healthier and more productive work space


Contrast helps distinguish areas of visual focus, such as desks, from the background to aid visibility and concentration. Desks and other work surfaces should be lit to three times the brightness of immediately surrounding zones.  Ancillary areas at the periphery of the office that are not task-related should have reduced lighting at a ratio of 10 times less than central work areas.  


The color of light produced by bulbs creates a subliminal environment in the workplace. Bulbs with high color temperatures make a bright white illumination that may feel clinical and harsh. Soft white fluorescents establish a warmer, welcoming environment. At a higher up-front cost, full-spectrum fluorescents replicate natural, outdoor light and create a spacious, open atmosphere.

Since 1988, Nova Solutions has created supportive office environments with furnishings and technology. Ask us for additional information about lighting your workplace to produce optimum productivity and morale. 

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