Getting New Nova Office Furniture? What To Do With The Old Stuff

Posted by Jerry Doll on Wed, Mar, 20, 2013 @ 09:03 AM

av lecturnNow that your new Nova office furniture is on the way, you’re likely considering what to do with the old desks, tables and chairs currently populating your working or learning/training space. There are several attractive options that may work well for your organization by clearing out the area while bringing in revenue:

  • Donate: Give office furnishings to charity and take appropriate tax deductions. You, your company and employees will also get a reputation and mood boost from helping a good cause. Choose a national charitable concern like Goodwill or the Salvation Army, or seek out a local school or community organization.
  • Thrift shops or used furniture stores: This option can be convenient, especially if you can get a quote for the whole furniture lot at once. You'll receive revenue and get rid of everything at once — many stores will pick up from your location.
  • Local online sales websites: For certain high-value or unique items, it may be worthwhile to list them (individually or as a lot) on appropriate sites. These sales and listings require more management and time from you or your staff, but may provide a better return.
  • Employee sales: Earn some employee goodwill and free up space for your Nova office furniture. Offer your staff the opportunity to buy and take home furniture pieces from the company at a greatly reduced price. Office chairs, file drawers, credenzas and desks from your company location may be more comfortable and durable than those available at local office supply chains for home offices. 
  • Recycle: Get quotes from local recycling centers -- learn the going price for your furniture’s elements: plastic, metal, cloth and wood. Factor in whether or not you must separate out items into categories and deliver, or whether the center will pick up, with or without a fee, from you.

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