What Your Office Layout Says About Your Corporate Culture

Posted by Jerry Doll on Wed, Apr, 10, 2013 @ 10:04 AM

DesksCompany culture may not be easy to define, but you know it when you feel it. It’s a consequence of the blending of abstract and concrete factors, including day-to-day influences like office layout. These elements of a company impact both employees and clients/customers on levels ranging from the subliminal to the most immediate decision-making considerations.




As a company culture evolves to adapt to changes in the marketplace and society overall, the physical infrastructure of the company including office layout must follow suit. A few of the essential principles to keep in mind to ensure that interior accommodations match the overall culture include:

  • Encouraging behavior, work habits and attitudes that result in productivity
  • Enabling workers to interact and support one another and informing the ways in which the company culture expects that collaboration to occur
  • Establishing the company’s chosen atmosphere or vibe, be it casual and relaxed or more conventionally hierarchical.
  • Embodies and conveys the values and ongoing principles of the company

One approach to accomplishing these goals is the concept of office design and furnishings based on collaborative projects or issues, rather than allocating space, furniture and other resources to particular individuals based on rank or standing within the organization. In lieu of traditional enclosed office spaces reserved for certain people, layouts may be conceived and executed based on particular projects underway in that work space. One project might include a command center, as well as a collaborative project room with office furnishings that promote eye-to-eye interaction. In this scenario, executives and other decision-makers move to where both the information and the action is actually generated versus remaining stationary in an office or dedicated meeting room and waiting for the information flow to reach them.   

Nova Solutions has played a role in the evolution of company culture with innovative office layouts and furniture since 1988. Let us help achieve an atmosphere of creativity and productivity that reflects the principles and goals of your enterprise. 


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