Furnishing Your Office: 10 Beginner's Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Posted by Jerry Doll on Mon, Apr, 08, 2013 @ 10:04 AM

Office SettingThere’s a first time for everything and furnishing your office is one of them. As a beginner, you have a learning curve ahead of you. However, it’s not rocket science and need not be trial-and-error. Plenty of resources exist to help the novice benefit from the experience of professionals. 



Here are 10 common rookie mistakes to avoid when furnishing your office. 

  • Failure to plan - Before you make buying decisions, clarify your requirements. Take a look at office furniture you’re already using and evaluate what works and what doesn’t. Commit to enduring style over transient fads.
  • Ignoring comfort issues - Remember the importance of ergonomics in the workplace. Employee health and comfort are directly related to productivity, lost workdays and insurance costs. 
  • Inappropriate fabrics - Select fabrics that fit the work environment. Consider issues like ease of cleaning, durability and worker comfort and assign a specific priority to each.
  • Task incompatibility - Make sure the furniture is rated for the task it will perform. Consider the range of body types and physiques and determine whether there are any physical limitations among your workforce. 
  • Emphasizing lowest price - For a proper return on investment, avoid no-name bargain basement quality and stick with reputable manufacturers.
  • Shopping for now instead of then - Keep in mind that an office space is always in evolution. Select furnishings that adapt to technology changes and accommodate reconfigurations.
  • Service life not synched with depreciation - If your company depreciates facility purchases on a 10-year schedule, furniture with a 5-year service life may require replacement before the budget allows.  
  • Not counting the total cost - Add-on charges such as delivery, setup and installation inflate final cost. You can also plan for unexpected expenses not covered by warranty. 
  • Unlisted standards - Make sure your dealer keeps your specific company standards on file so replacements will be consistent with existing furniture.
  • Not vetting vendors - Seek out established dealers that guarantee after-sale support and will still be around to back up that guarantee in the future. Ask for references when in doubt. 

Since 1988, Nova Solutions has helped both first-time buyers and experienced pros. Call us for more advice when furnishing your office.


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