Engaging Workstations for Generation Y

Posted by Jerry Doll on Fri, Apr, 05, 2013 @ 10:04 AM

ClassroomGenerational differences aren’t limited to fashion or music. Designing work spaces for Generation Y is an example of how a few years can transform the preferences and priorities of a segment of the workforce.  Studies show that the younger Gen Y workers incline more toward a workplace that offers engagement and a home-like sense of shelter and security. This generation values physical comfort provided by creative office furniture options, as well as an adaptable workplace layout that facilitates casual collaboration over formal meetings.

The concept of the engaging workplace is really a set of intangible elements created by very tangible office design and furnishings. For these employees, an age group accustomed to work-at-home arrangements, engagement in the workplace is fostered by establishing a more residential feel. Furniture and other equipment should promote security and enhance comfort. The institutional, impersonal atmosphere of the old-school office, as well as the  techno environments of more recent workplace designs, feels uninspiring and regimented.   

Connection over function is another element of designing work spaces for Generation Y.  This age group responds to a stronger emotive link to both the company culture and to the people at work. Gen Y workers are much more likely to blur work and home life and make less of a distinction than Baby Boomers, who typically draw hard lines between those two experiences. 

The layout and scale of the office, including furniture technology, lighting and building materials, promotes a feeling of openness rather than privacy. Seating and other furniture will be multipurpose and adaptable. Workstations will also offer flexibility in the form of task lighting, storage and innovative display options like Nova Solutions' Downview technology that integrates flat screen monitors below the work surface of the desk. The goal of this evolution in design is a new concept of work space in which the line between individual work and casual collaboration, as well as the distinction between home life and work life, is less distinct and more easily and often crossed.

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