Customer Satisfaction is Key to Success!

Posted by Jerry Doll on Mon, Sep, 09, 2013 @ 12:09 PM

ID 10046440It may be cliche, but it's true.  The key to any business' success comes down to customer satisfaction.  Of course, sales, profit, product quality, and other aspects are all important, but — anyone can sell something once!  It's repeat business that keeps a company in business over the long-haul.

At NOVA, we take this customer satisfaction thing to heart.  It is one of our top priorities and we're ready to prove it.

We recently promoted three individuals into the roles of regional managers.  A main part of their responsibilities is to assure that major installations go smoothly as well as taking personal responsibility to fix any issues that may need some extra attention.  Should a need arise, we will assess whether the issue can be remedied by sending a replacement part that can be installed by one of our authorized dealers — or if one our team members will personally deliver and install the part.

Another unique aspect about NOVA is our company owner's personal committment to "make it right."  It is not unusual to see the owner of our company (John Lechman) at a large installation site, sleeves rolled-up, tools in hand, making sure the product is installed and used properly from the very beginning.  Even when a problem arises after the fact, often times John will personally make a visit to the customer's location to assure a satisfactory resolution for everyone involved.  How many times can you say the owner of the company has addressed your problem personally?

We pride ourselves in producing quality products and getting it right the first time.  But, if we don't we are always at the ready to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.  It's more than just a mantra to us.  We live it — everyday.

Should you have an issue with any of our products, please feel free to contact our customer support department at 1-800-730-6682, who will in turn, consult with the appropriate regional manager to solve the issue as quickly as possible.


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