Thanksgiving is About Collaboration!

Posted by Jerry Doll on Wed, Nov, 27, 2013 @ 14:11 PM

As families are gathered around the Thanksgiving table there will be many discussions about a variety of topics.  From politics to football, nothing is off limits.  The Thanksgiving table embodies the true essence of collaboration and communication.

NOVA offers up a different (but similar) kind of Collaboration Table this Thanksgiving.  One that encourages the exchange of ideas and opinions in the classroom and training room environment.  No turkey or cranberry sauce is needed.  The freedom to communicate and express ones thoughts has led to some pretty monumental decisions throughout history.  Now, NOVA has created the right furniture to encourage the free exchange of ideas while maintaining a focus and providing access to information — simultaneously.

collaboration deke

In the pic, one of our regional managers, Deke Devore, poses behind one of our A/V Lecterns and new Collaboration Tables.  Notice the position of each seat.  This unique design allows participants to view and speak to each other while maintaining a focus on the big picture (screen) at the end of the table.  The Trolley™ monitor lifts provide computer access when needed to verify data, spark new ideas, and document lively debates.  They are linked together with NOVALinked™ which allows the instructor (at the lectern) to lower or raise all monitors simultaneously.

Check out the variety of designs from NOVA and let's start collaborating!


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