The Shrinking Cost of Technology

Posted by Jerry Doll on Fri, Feb, 07, 2014 @ 10:02 AM


Gas prices are up!  Food prices are rising!  Clothing is expensive.  It seems everything these days is increasing in price — except TECHNOLOGY!  

Remember when you paid $50 for that first really cool calculator?  Now you can pick one up (with the same basic functions as the originals) for a couple of bucks or maybe even less by downloading a free app to your smartphone or tablet.

Technology has a tendency to decrease in price as it advances.  New manufacturing methods are discovered and the technology itself leads to better productivity and less expensive components.  It's a good thing too.  Can you imaging trying to outfit an an entire classroom full of computers thirty years ago as opposed to today?  

Back when I was in school (showing my age now) we had one Radio Shack Tandy TRS 80 computer in the science room.  It cost $1767.00.  It had 4 kilobytes of RAM, no mouse, some kind of green writing on the screen that few people knew what to do with, and a 1.77 MHZ processor.  Compare that to today's All-In-Ones that feature brilliant, full-color, high-definition displays and more RAM than we could've ever imagined (2 gigabytes = 2,097,000 kilobytes). Most of the new models run at 1.6 GHZ or higher processing speeds.  All that for $599 or less!

Affordability allows us to integrate technology into our daily lives.  Or maybe we should say it allows technology to infiltrate our daily lives.  Regardless of how you feel about technology it's accessible to the masses — whether you're a business owner, student, teacher, or stay-at-home mom or dad.  As prices decrease, access grows — and that's (arguably) a good thing.

So, lets take a trip down memory lane with a look at the cost of technology — then and now.

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