AV Furniture is Bridging the Gap Between Digital and Personal

Posted by Nick Jones on Mon, Jul, 07, 2014 @ 12:07 PM

We live in a day and age where students and professionals alike have to learn how to balance the use of technology and personal contact everyday. With more and more technology at our disposal, it is easy to get lost in a digital world, which restricts personal interaction. At the same time, today's technology has made seemingly impossible tasks possible which forces us to incorporate it into our everyday routines. So how do you get the best of both worlds? 

AV furniture products have been providing an answer to this question for the last 20 years. Whether it be a higher education classroom or boardroom meeting for any company, AV furniture has allowed us to find the best uses for technology while still incorporating that human aspect of communication we need. The current product mix has given facilitators more tools at their disposal then ever before. Some of those products are as follows:

Monitor Lift Systems

Monitor lift systems are one of the most advanced and functional applications being applied in classrooms today. With the capability to be both a computer lab or lecture hall, the

AV Furniture monitor lift system is giving the word multifunctional a new name. It is providing the students with something they feel good about using, but also providing universities and companies alike, something they can rely on and in turn promote. In offices and corporatsettings, it can serve as a safety and protection measure when the day ends and the monitors go down. It also gives them the opportunity to get together for a meeting and video conference with multiple people then have an open table discussion directly after without having to uproot your project to another room. This versatility has given multiple institutions the ability to be more flexible then ever before when designing additions or brand new work spaces. By being able to get the most out of a given room, it allows some of the projects or ideas that perhaps weren't thought possible to include to now become incorporated. 

 Audio/Visual Lecterns 

Ultimately a facilitator or a professor wants to have control over the room and group they are addressing. While through accolade and presentation they can gain control of the group fairly easy. The room on the other hand is a different story. Depending on where you are at, there are a number of different instruments that individuals will utilize to control the dynamics of the room. AV lecterns give us that same control but instead of putting it in aAV Furniture  variety of different places in the room, it can all be controlled right from the lectern itself with various controllers such as Crestron or other major brands of controllers. From controlling the lights, sounds, projectors, and other work room functions, control systems give instructors all the control that they could ever want right at there finger tips. These controllers also have the ability to control certain monitor lift systems (NOVA Solutions, Inc Trolley) with the push of a button as well, adding an entire other dimension to the room. Just as monitor lift systems are meant to give our learners better equipment to learn with, the AV lectern gives the facilitator of the information all of the tools he/she needs in order to successfully convey a message. 


Collaborative Learning Stations 

Information isn't always gained through lecture and demonstration however. Working with groups of people to solve problems and define solutions is one of the biggest parts of the learning process. What makes us more well rounded individuals is our experiences with things and mainly people. A collaboration table provides a medium where peers can share thoughts and perspectives without having to drag chairs from other tables or having to break AV Furniture up the group between who has/needs a computer and who doesn't. Even when an instructor or director is in charge of a collaborative learning setting, having some of the solutions mentioned above incorporated allows for a socially advanced environment. By socially advanced, we are referring to the ease of use that students have to access each other for thoughts and ideas. It also becomes a more easily navigated room by the facilitator. There is more to true brainstorming then just talking. If a given area is transformed to allow those thoughts and ideas to be heard in a manner that is easy on everyone involved, then a more accurate feeling and conclusion can be drawn because these external forces are now working with you instead of against you. 


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