Blackhawk Technical College's New Classrooms

Posted by Nick Jones on Tue, Aug, 05, 2014 @ 12:08 PM

Recently NOVA visited Blackhawk Technical College in Janesville, Wisconsin to help them with their installation of our 26 series classroom workstations as well as our Trolley™ EXL monitor lift system. Blackhawk wanted to ensure that they delivered the most functional and diverse set of tools to its students so that they could get the most out of their experience. Providing them with on hand materials ranging from multi-purpose classrooms to CNC routers, Blackhawk Technical College is taking the extra steps necessary to give their students all of the materials to enrich their experience with the college. From top to bottom, this brand new building embodies the message that Blackhawk wants to get across to their students, and that is their education is of the utmost important to them. They show this by the dedication they have when it comes to providing them all of the necessary tools to maximize their learning experience. It was these very reasons that made Blackhawk and NOVA's collaboration in these classrooms a no-brainer. Our high quality furniture combined with our monitor lift help give the instructors the appropriate amount of flexibility to get the most out of each and every class period. We also incorporated a brand new ADA compliant leg design to not only give all of the workstations uniform legs, but also functionality by simply pushing a button to begin the transformation.  NOVABlackhawk

The button below is a direct link to all of the pictures from Blackhawk's new NOVA classrooms! Check them out and see what kinds of solutions administrators are incorporating all over the country! 



                    View Blackhawk's Classrooms Now!

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