Updates to NOVA's Home and Event Pages

Posted by Tyler Boucher on Tue, Feb, 07, 2017 @ 09:02 AM

With the new year we are rolling out some updates to our website. Read on to see what changes we've made thus far plus our thoughts on them, and what will be coming next.

Home Page Updates

The first change we've made is a minor re-tweak of our logo.

2017 Logo Changes.png

We wanted to bring a fresh look to the NOVA logo with the new logo that we made back in May of last year; however after further discussion and input we determined that we had stepped too far away from our legacy logo and the reputation that went along with it. With this re-tweak of our logo we are bringing the old back in with the new to tie it all together.

The next change we made was based on feedback we received from you - our customers. We've changed the wording of our navigation menu to get to our catalogs / pricebooks.


This should help alleviate the confusion we were hearing in regards to where to find our pricebooks.

We also removed the ginormous GSA Advantage banner that was near the bottom of the page. We changed this GSA Advantage banner to a more manageable size and added it into the side navigation menu, as you can see in the pictures above.

You'll notice our home image slideshow is new and improved as well. We've added a number of new pictures from some of our more recent installations, and will continue to add more as we go.


Event Page Overhaul

We have completely overhauled our Event page. Now you can find a listing of our most recent event-related blog posts alongside an agenda showing our confirmed upcoming events, within a set window of time. We've added an image slideshow to the page as well, showing our most recent installations.

Coming Soon...

Next up on our list of major updates is an overhaul of our Product pages and the addition of a new feedback page.

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