The influence of gamers in the classroom and the world

Posted by Jerry Doll on Tue, May, 01, 2012 @ 17:05 PM

Guest blogger:  Lauren Moffett

When you consider the games that youth plan on a daily basis, I would think a majority of the world would have a negative idea, reaction, or thought towards the impact of gaming on young minds. Jane McGonigal would like to convince the world otherwise. I recently listened to Jane speak on (if you haven’t heard of, go ahead and check it out! It’s a site dedicated to videos of inspirational, brilliant, and creative people; check out the most viewed videos and you’ll get an idea of what kind of people are on the site). McGonigal is a game designer turned gamer advocate; she believes, and has done research to back her belief, that gamers are the future leaders of our country and we’re better for it. McGonigal’s belief has led her to speak on behalf of the millions of gamers of the world and is hoping to convert ‘non-gamers’ into diehard gamers themselves.

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