AV Furniture is Bridging the Gap Between Digital and Personal

Posted by Nick Jones on Mon, Jul, 07, 2014 @ 12:07 PM

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The Pros and Cons of BYOD in the Classroom

Posted by Jerry Doll on Thu, May, 08, 2014 @ 09:05 AM

What is BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and Why Should Teachers Care?

While the staggering pace of technological innovation has brought a multitude of opportunities to the world of education, it has also proven a great challenge for teachers and students. Two of the biggest issues that arise from technology-based forms of education: paying for gadgets that quickly become obsolete and getting students to focus on using electronics for learning — not social networking. Some school districts are suggesting a revolutionary approach to solving both of these problems: BYOD, or bring your own device.

How does BYOD work?

Under the BYOD system, classroom digital devices would not only be purchased by the school district; students would also have the option to use their own smartphones and tablet computers to complete class projects or access learning resources while at school. Bring your own device (BYOD) schools often ban devices among younger students but allow older students to bring their electronics to class. The BYOD option is typically introduced somewhere between eighth and tenth grade, although some schools only allow upperclassmen to bring personal devices to class.

Bring your own device (BYOD) schools typically have very specific policies concerning respectful use of electronics in the classroom. Websites such as Facebook and Twitter are often banned since they cause serious distraction. Students may be required to sign agreements restricting device use to certain times in the classroom. Those failing to oblige by the rules are banned from the BYOD program either temporarily or permanently.

Advantages of BYOD

Educators in favor of BYOD feel that it promotes greater participation in the classroom. When new technologies are incorporated into everyday learning, students quickly become more interested in the material, and thus more likely to succeed. Schools looking to remain ahead of the curve in terms of innovation find that the BYOD program fosters a positive image in the community and can work wonders in attracting students outside of district lines.

Economics also plays a huge role in the argument for the bring your own device system. Technology investments are expensive, especially given that new devices are likely to become obsolete in a few years. When students are allowed to bring their own devices to school, the district is not required to purchase as many tablets or laptops. These savings can then be directed towards other technological advancements, such as the acquisition of interactive whiteboards.

Concerns surrounding BYOD

The advantages of BYOD are certainly worth noting, but opponents claim that these benefits do not outweigh the negatives of this system. The main concern among teachers is that the presence of electronic devices in the classroom will promote distraction on the part of students. Although certain sites and applications may be blocked, tech-savvy students are likely to find ways around these restrictions.

Educators also worry that implementing bring your own device will increase the already significant divide between students from high- and lower-income families. While most BYOD schools allow low-income students to check out laptops or tablets, it is easy to distinguish between students who have their own devices and students forced to borrow from the school. Low-income students have always faced bullying due to their cheaper apparel, but this could take it to a whole new level. Opponents of BYOD feel that, if such devices are required in the classroom, all students should be on an even playing field.

Despite the many concerns voiced by opponents, the prevalence of student-owned devices in the classroom continues to grow. The decision surrounding this issue ultimately must be made while taking factors such as student performance, teacher training, community preference and financial viability into consideration. And for those schools choosing to implement BYOD, clear policies must be established so as to prevent online misconduct.

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VIDEO BLOG: How Laminate is Made

Posted by Jerry Doll on Fri, May, 02, 2014 @ 14:05 PM

We talk about our furniture being made with laminates, but have you ever wondered what laminate really is and how it's made?  If so, check out the video below.

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Top Five Audio/Visual Blogs You Should Be Following

Posted by Jerry Doll on Thu, May, 01, 2014 @ 15:05 PM

Whether you're an audio/visual pro or just someone who likes to stay up-to-date with the latest technology products, it's important and imperative to stay informed.  Here's my list of the Top 5 Audio/Visual Blogs that are worth a closer look.

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NOVA's Earth Day/Every Day Commitment to the Environment

Posted by Jerry Doll on Tue, Apr, 22, 2014 @ 09:04 AM

NOVA Solutions takes our environmental accountability seriously with regards to our daily processes and products we produce.  It is our corporate responsibility to our employees, customers, and community.  We maintain the highest sensitivity and follow-through in preserving our natural resources today, and more importantly, for our future generations.

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"The Evolution of the Desktop" in the Classroom, Office, and Home

Posted by Jerry Doll on Wed, Apr, 09, 2014 @ 10:04 AM

I love infographics.  It's true!  And here's a good one on "The Evolution of the Desktop" computer.  This is courtesy of:  Visual.ly and TechTalk with Currys.

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Top Ten IT Issues in the Classroom - 2014

Posted by Jerry Doll on Fri, Apr, 04, 2014 @ 14:04 PM

Courtesy of Educause magazine, here are the Top Ten (actually eleven) IT issues for 2014 as they relate to the educational environment.

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5 Ways to Embrace Technology in the Classroom

Posted by Jerry Doll on Thu, Mar, 13, 2014 @ 11:03 AM

Personally, I think it's awesome that students at all levels (K-University) have so much technology at their fingertips.  From traditional CPUs to digital tablets, students have grown-up with technology and it has become a part of their daily life.  Add Smart Phones to the mix as well and the many teaching tools, such as smart boards, and digital projectors — it almost seems technology has been embraced by all and is simply a natural extension of classroom curriculum.

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The Shrinking Cost of Technology

Posted by Jerry Doll on Fri, Feb, 07, 2014 @ 10:02 AM

Gas prices are up!  Food prices are rising!  Clothing is expensive.  It seems everything these days is increasing in price — except TECHNOLOGY!  

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Florida Atlantic University Trading Room

Posted by Jerry Doll on Tue, Dec, 03, 2013 @ 21:12 PM

We're pleased to be a part of Florida Atlantic University's Trading Room.  NOVA recently installed a truly unique (and beautiful) classroom, fully-equipped with high-quality technology furniture, custom lectern, and Trolley monitor lift systems.  The Trolleys are connected via NOVALinked™ to create a one-of-a-kind learning experience.

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