Corporate Furniture

Corporate Furniture

Being in business today is not for the faint-of-heart.  Keeping expenses down, profits up, customers happy, and employees properly trained and motivated are challenges that never end If you own or manage a business — small or large — you know there is a long list of issues waiting for you to address every day.  Whether you’re a well-established firm or growing by leaps and bounds, at some point you’ll have to consider your company’s furniture requirements — and the options can be quite overwhelming.

Improve Productivity

At NOVA Solutions, we understand corporate furniture needs, how they affect your employees’ productivity, your customers’ perceptions, and ultimately your bottom line.  That’s why we’ve developed a simple, yet option-rich, line of business furniture that will exceed your expectations.  From the executive office to the reception desk, our corporate furniture designs are simple but impressive.  The ability to customize your office with a wide array of color selections, drawer/door pull styles, and various edge details are attractive ways to make a great impression on your staff and visitors.

Integrating Technology

Combine this style with the latest technology enhancements offered through our Visual Display Options and you’ve created a modern, functional environment that maximizes productivity and employee satisfaction — while making a lasting impression on your customers.

downview corporate furniture

Downview™ Visual Display

The Downview™ Visual Display Option recesses the computer beneath the work surface at an ergonomically acceptable angle.  Users look downward, through a tinted-tempered glass viewport, to view their computer screens.  This places the body in a natural position that relieves muscle stress and reduces fatigue.  Additionally, the recessed display position clears the line of sight between you and your customers.


trolley corporate furnitureTrolley™ Monitor Lift 

The Trolley™ monitor lift solution raises or lowers the computer screen from beneath the desktop with the push of a button.  This makes it easy to have across the desk discussions with staff members and clients alike.

And don’t forget, NOVA offers a variety of solutions to support your company’s training efforts.  From classroom desks to nesting tables as well as testing/study carrels, we’ve got your business covered.