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Nova Esports Gaming Desk - The solution for colleges and universities.

Esports programs have become increasingly popular at colleges and universities. Novas Esports computer gaming desks are the perfect solution for the student esports gaming athlete. Our Esports desk is attractive with 4 different edge banding choices. Custom banding for our desks is available upon request to match your Esports team's colors. The Nova Esports Gaming desk is ADA compliant and made with care in the USA.

Educational E-sports Gaming Desks

eSports Educational Gaming Desks

Educational Esports Desk

Educational Gaming Desk With Slide Out PC Shelf

NOVA’s esports gaming desk with slide-out PC shelf brings design and comfort to all types of gamers.

Educational eSports Gaming Desk

Educational eSports Gaming Desk

An e-sports gaming desk is an ergonomically designed and minimalist piece of furniture. It offers maximum stability, comfort, and ergonomics while allowing you to customize your setup. Its functional design is a perfect combination of stylishness and practicality. The design of the gaming desk will fit into any room without compromise. If you want to give your desk a personal touch, it is fully customizable and easy to assemble. With its ergonomic design and customizable options, this gaming desk will give your setup an upgrade without compromising on style or functionality.<\h2>