Florida Atlantic University

Located in Boca Raton, FL Florida Atlantic University is  ranked #1 in Executive Education in Florida and #11 in the USA.

Florida Atlantic University's classrooms are designed so lectures can be attended by students in-person and virtually simultaneously. NOVA’s design and engineering expertise were employed to provide instructor lecterns and student desks that could accommodate the advanced technology required to accomplish this goal.

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Lectern front view with panels on
Lectern front with panels off

Instructor lecterns included dual AV rack compartments with pocket doors allowing easy access to computer and AV components while providing a clean, distraction-free appearance.

Lectern rear view with panels on
Lectern rear view with panels off

Generous wire management components were provided in the back of the lectern keeping complex wiring connections organized. Easy access was provided with removable panels.

NOVA's Trolley Monitor Lift™ & NOVALinked™ keep the instructor in control

Classrooms using NOVA's Trolley Monitor Lift™ and NOVALinked™ technology allow instructors the flexibility and control of all student monitors from the Lectern.

With the touch of a button, all monitors retract out of sight into the desks allowing a direct line of sight between the instructor and students.

All traditional desks in the installation include outlets so students can bring their technology to the classroom.

Monitor lift

Functional & Aesthetically Pleasing

NOVA's Curved Computer Desks were designed to fit perfectly with FAU’s tiered and arced room layouts.

Design aesthetics were kept consistent in all classrooms, providing modern executive aesthetics.

Computer desk design asthetics

A Confidence Monitor Solution Provided by NOVA

Confidence monitors which allow instructors to view their notes while keeping them out of sight of students provided a unique challenge. To allow instructors to view their notes while keeping eye contact with the students, confidence monitors required a display close to the floor exposing them to damage. Sun Light indoor-outdoor monitors, weighing over 100 lbs were chosen because of their durability.

Florida Atlantic University shipped a monitor to NOVA’s factory so a desk could be designed to accommodate the weight of the monitor and the unique mounting requirements. NOVA included access points to the cabling area for easy on-site installation.

Excellent wire management was included to prevent unexpected complications and trouble-free maintenance. The result is a durable and aesthetically-pleasing solution that enhances Florida Atlantics University’s advanced learning environment.

Computer desk that house confidence monitors