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The ADA Compliant Lectern with Motorized Adjustable Height!

Raise and Lower with the touch of button

NOVA's Adjustable Height Sit / Stand Lecterns are the Ideal Solution for Your ADA Requirements.

Made in the USA.

Trusted nationwide by education, medical, government, and business facilities, our ADA compliant Sit / Stand Lecterns are an ideal ADA solution for any classroom, training room, auditorium, lecture hall, convention center, or any other learning environment. Our Sit / Stand Lecterns are electronically adjustable from a base height of 30" with 12" travel and come standard with a spacious rack rail compartment for your AV needs.

Our Sit / Stand Lecterns are also available with Visual Display Options such as, The Trolley™ Monitor Lift, which uses a motorized lift to hide computer monitors below the worksurface, or our revolutionary and space-saving Downview™, which houses your monitor beneath a tinted tempered glass viewport, allowing users to view their monitor with a natural downward gaze.  Accompany these lecterns with our factory installed accessories, such as the flip-up shelves, rack shelves / drawers, ventilation fans, power centers, or more to maximize any training environment (See the Right Solutions™ Catalog for more Factory Installed Accessories).  

Our adjustable height lecterns are available in several configurations shown below. We can custom build to meet your exact specifications!

Sit / Stand AV Lecterns

Sit-Stand height adjustable ADA compliant Lectern

Sit / Stand Lectern - Standard

Standard Sit-Stand lectern motorized height adjustable lectern. ADA compliant & wheelchair accessible. Perfect computer furniture for education, medical, government, and business facilities. Made in the USA.

Sit-Stand height adjustable Lectern with Trolley™ motorized Monitor Lift

Sit / Stand Lectern - Trolley™ Monitor Lift

Motorized height adjustable instructor lectern with space saving motorized monitor lift. Wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant, this is the perfect solution for education, medical, government and business.

Height adjustable with Articulating Surface Mount Arm

Sit / Stand Lectern - Articulating Surface Mount Arm

Sit-Stand motorized height adjustable lectern that is ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible. Trusted as the premier solution by education, medical, government and business facilities nationwide.

Sit-Stand Lectern with Downview™

Sit / Stand Lectern - Downview™

Sit-Stand motorized adjustable height lectern that is ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible featuring space saving down view monitor placement. Ideal for education, medical, government & business facilities.

ADA compliant Sit-Stand height adjustable Lectern with Surface Mount Arm

Sit / Stand Lectern - Surface Mount Arm

Motorized height adjustable Sit-Stand lectern with surface arm mount. Wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant. Perfect for medical, education, government and business facilities.