Classroom Furniture for K-12 Education

K 12 Education Furniture

Getting the right start is a key component in a child’s education.  At NOVA Solutions, we’re committed to providing the right tools to help teachers build a solid foundation for generations to come.  From kindergarteners to high school seniors, today’s students are connected to technology.  From day one, the expectation that there will be technology in the classroom is commonplace, but incorporating technology into classroom furniture with limited space and limited budgets can be a daunting task.  That’s why NOVA Solutions has spent years designing and refining educational furniture products that keep pace with techno-savvy teachers and students, as well as new and existing facilities, limited budgets, the latest teaching/learning styles, and results-driven expectations.

Integrating Technology

At NOVA Solutions, we understand the critical nature of technology furniture.  It may not be given much thought by teachers and students during their daily class routine, but that’s the way we want it.  Our Visual Display Options seamlessly integrate technology into the curriculum without creating an obstacle.

downview classroom furnitureDownview™ Visual Display

The Downview™ Visual Display Option recesses the computer beneath the work surface at an ergonomically acceptable angle.  Users look downward, through a tinted-tempered glass viewport, to view their computer screens.  This places the body in a natural position that relieves muscle stress and reduces fatigue.  Additionally, the recessed display position clears the line of sight between teachers and students and creates a clean, uncluttered work surface for student activities.

trolley classroom furnitureThe Trolley™ Monitor Lift

The Trolley™ monitor lift solution raises or lowers computer screens from beneath the desktop with the push of a button, easily converting a standard classroom to a fully-equipped computer lab.  The Trolley™ is designed to provide the best of both worlds for teachers and students.


Take Control

Combining The Trolley™ E-Class monitor lift units with the optional NOVALinked™ control system provides even greater control of computer use in the classroom.  Computers can be made available when needed or submerged beneath the work surface to eliminate unnecessary distractions — all at the teacher’s discretion.