Furniture Technology for Libraries

Library Furniture

The library is at the heart of most learning institutions and quite often serves as a centerpiece for the community.  NOVA Solutions offers a variety of technology-ready furniture options for different areas of the library — from circulation to study nooks.

We offer a complete line of furniture that’s specifically suited for today’s modern library, placing learning resources at your fingertips.  Although most of our specially designed carrels provide a confidential area for studying or test taking, some are more conducive to collaboration and group learning.   In addition, we offer a variety of storage and shelving options as well as complete circulation desk layouts.

NOVA’s library furniture line can be complemented with a variety of other offerings such as our audio visual lecterns, tables, and computer-based training workstations for classrooms, to meet the multi-faceted needs of today’s learning resource center.

Integrating Technology

Choose one of our Visual Display Options to seamlessly integrate technology and create a modern information center for incoming and outgoing communications and research.

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Downview™ Visual Display

The Downview™ Visual Display Option recesses the computer beneath the work surface at an ergonomically acceptable angle.  Users look downward, through a tinted-tempered glass viewport, to view their computer screens.  This places the body in a natural position that relieves muscle stress and reduces fatigue.  Additionally, the recessed display position clears the line of sight between librarians and patrons and creates a clean, uncluttered work surface for other activities.

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Trolley™ Monitor Lift 

The Trolley™ monitor lift solution raises or lowers computer screens from beneath the desktop with the push of a button, easily converting a computer research center to a traditional reading room.  The Trolley™ is designed to provide the best of both worlds for library personnel and visitors.


Take Control

Combining The Trolley™ E-Class monitor lift units with the optional NOVALinked™ control system provides even greater control of computer use.  Computers can be made available when needed or submerged beneath the work surface to eliminate unnecessary distractions — all at the librarian’s discretion.  Set-up different learning zones then control each of them individually.  NOVALinked™ pairs seamlessly with many third-party, major brand controllers or NOVA’s Integrated Switching Interface module.