Furniture Technology

FIU 011

Combine The Trolley™ E or EXL monitor lift system with NOVALinked™ to "Take Control" of the classroom. NOVALinked™ is a networking system that links all Trolley lifts together and allows instructors to control their up and down movement simultaneously — using a major brand controller such as Crestron, Extron, AMX or other major brand — or NOVA's Independent Switching Interface.  One push of one button converts a lecture hall to a computer lab in just seconds as all of the monitor lifts rise or submerge at the same time.

Turning the NOVALinked™ system off, gives individual control to each student for individual work or smaller group projects.

NOVALinked™ can also be set-up in zones to control only certain areas of each classroom space.

Now available with "Wireless" components, NOVALinked™ is easy to install in new and existing learning environments.

Note: NOVALinked™ works exclusively with NOVA's Trolley™ E or EXL monitor lifts.

"Instructions" for wired version available by clicking the "Instructions" button, lower left.