Furniture Technology SolutionsFurniture Technology Solutions

Innovative ways to integrate technology into everyday working and learning environments.

From our Downview™ system to The Trolley™ monitor lifts, NOVA is a true pioneer at seamless combining our Visual Display Options with any furniture products in any environment.

Push a button and your computer display rises from beneath the desktop with the help of our Trolley™ monitor lift. Tired of neck aches, dry eyes, and sore muscles? Try viewing your computer screen the natural way with our Downview system.

Technology Solutions include these Visual Display Options:

  • The Trolley™ E-Class monitor lift 
  • The Downview™ - Recess monitor placement for ergonomic benefits
  • The Flat Panel Arm – For surface mounting of your flat panel display

It’s time to make the most of your technology and your furniture. Let us combine the two for a solution that will exceed your expectations. Complete the form for more info on all of our Technology Solutions (Visual Display Options).

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