Furniture Technology Solutions

Furniture Technology Solutions

Integrating technology into your work or learning environment is what NOVA Solutions does best. Combining innovative Visual Display Options with a modern, high quality furniture offering provides you with the best of both worlds while creating ultimate flexibility.

HIPPA ShouldSurf sm

HIPAA Summary for Healthcare Furniture

The term for reading other people’s screens is Shoulder Surfing. Current methods for addressing Shoulder Surfing are either too costly or risk exposing confidential patient information. Learn how NOVA's Visual Display Options can help.

Ergonomic Guidelines for Furniture Technology

Ergonomic Guidelines for Furniture Technology

NOVA Solutions furniture technology uses these guidelines in developing its natural solution for classroom and office furniture.  Compiled from BIFMA Ergonomics Guideline for Visual Display Terminal Furniture.

Funiture Technology Solutions

Furniture Technology Retrofit Kits

Transform your existing work area into a NOVA work space with a Retrofit Kit for flat panel displays. Kits are available include The Trolley™ monitor lift, the Downview™ recessed monitor system, and the Surface Mount Flat Panel Display Arm.

Top Ten Furniture Technology

Top Ten Customer Solutions

Selecting the right technology-friendly furniture can be a challenge.  We've put together a helpful Top Ten Solutions guide.

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