City of Baton Rouge

City of Baton Rouge
1755 Florida St.
Baton Rougue, LA 70802
United States


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Products Used

City of Baton Rouge

Features NOVA’s Computer Training Desks- Standard and iMod™ Wire Management Compartment. The City of Baton Rouge took advantage of NOVA's Standard Computer training desks which offer the functionality and configurations options that are required in today's world to accommodate digital learning environments. These desks feature the iMod™ Wire Management System. The iMod™ is great and serves dual purposes including concealing computer wires within a compartment as well as keeping them clean, protected, and organized. The iMod™ Wire Management System also includes a multi-plug power strip.  The compartment is located on the backside of the unit.

There is a removable modesty panel providing easy access and adequate protection of electrical/computer accessories and equipment. A CPU shelf is included to the right of each user.  This exciting project decided to add the marvelous NOVA keyboard and mouse drawer option. This drawer has five locking positions and a built-in wrist rest offering the ultimate comfort. These desks are environmentally friendly, as they are manufactured with recycled post-industrial materials and are proudly made in the USA. NOVA's computer training desks are available as a single or double desk user and it ships fully assembled.

This install is also featuring NOVA’s standard 5 user Round Collaboration Table. NOVA recommends collaboration tables as the perfect fit when placing colleagues or students into a group to maximize participation and a healthy environment for free-flowing ideas. This collaboration table also features the iMod™ wire management system and the compartment to conceal the computer wires are located in the center of the collaboration desk. It is the right solution for learning and bouncing ideas off of one another. NOVA also offers a version of this table in a 6 person and with multiple visual display options including: Downview™, Trolley™ Monitor Lift, Surface Mount Arm, and the Articulating Surface Mount Arm.


Finishes shown: Custom Laminate Worksurface and Base Color (Wilsonart 7885T-60) English Oak.