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Unlock the potential of your existing workspace with Nova Solutions' Retrofit Kits – an innovative solution empowering users to effortlessly transform their current desks into cutting-edge, high-tech environments. 


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Elevate your daily routine by seamlessly integrating modern features and technology, ensuring that your workspace not only meets but exceeds the demands of the contemporary digital age. With clean and efficient wire management, these retrofit kits not only enhance functionality but also maintain a clutter-free and professional aesthetic, making your workspace a streamlined haven of productivity. Experience the future of productivity with Nova Solutions' Retrofit Kits – where your existing space evolves into a dynamic, tech-savvy haven with seamless wire management.

ADA Compliant NOVA's Retrofit Kits & Accessories are ADA compliant.

Available Configurations

Retrofit Kit- Surface Mount Arm


Transform your existing work area with NOVA’s Surface Mount Arm Retrofit Kit. The Surface Mount Arm provides a simple and secure mounting solution for computer monitors, reducing theft and accidental damage.

Retrofit Kit- Downview


Transform your existing work area into a multi-use workspace with NOVA’s Downview™ retrofit kit. The Downview™ solution saves valuable desktop space and allows for a natural, ergonomic viewing position utilizing an adjustable monitor arm.

Retrofit Kit- Trolley Monitor Lift


Transform your existing work area into a multi-use workspace with NOVA’s Trolley™ Monitor Lift Retrofit Kit. The Trolley™ provides a hassle-free way of hiding the flat panel display when not in use and making it emerge from beneath the desktop when needed. With the push of a button, you can raise your computer screen from its hidden position beneath the desktop to a comfortable viewing height. The Trolley™ features Intelligent Motion Technology™ – an innovation that protects the unit from accidental damage or vandalism by constant monitoring of The Trolley’s current operational status.