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Choose NOVA Solutions' Classroom Training Desks to transform your training spaces into dynamic and adaptable environments, where innovation and education converge seamlessly.


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Discover NOVA Solutions' Classroom Training Desks – the dynamic backbone of modern learning environments. Engineered to effortlessly adapt to diverse learning styles, whether navigating individual study sessions or fostering collaborative group work. Dive into a world of visual display possibilities with Nova's Trolley, Downview, and Surface Mount Arm options, ensuring a tech-savvy classroom ambiance. Say goodbye to cable chaos as our desks maintain a tidy workspace. Built sturdy, reliable, and geared for the educational journey, Nova Solutions' Classroom Training Desks are set to revolutionize learning spaces, matching the vibrancy of the lessons themselves.

Laminate Worksurface Colors

Laminate Base Colors

Metal Modesty Panel Colors

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ADA Compliant NOVA's Computer Training Desks are ADA compliant.

Available Configurations

Computer Training Desks - Trolley™ Monitor Lift

Computer Training Desk Dual Trolley Monitor Lift
NOVA’s Computer Training Desks with Trolley™ Monitor Lift Visual Display Option offers a flexible, secure & space-saving monitor solution ideal for today’s digital learning environments.

Computer Training Desks - Dual Trolley™ Monitor Lift

The computer training desk that offers a flexible, secure, and space saving dual monitor solution, ideal for today's digital learning environments.

Computer Training Desks - Surface Mount Arm

Computer Training Desk Standard Surface Arm Mount
NOVA’s Computer Training Desks with Surface Mount Arm Visual Display Option provides a simple and secure mounting solution for computer monitors, reducing theft and accidental damage.

Split Top Computer Training Desks

Split Top 10" Rear Shelf

Split top desks from Nova Solutions offer a smart and practical solution for optimizing workspace efficiency. Available in two configurations – with either a 6" or 10" rear shelf – these desks ensure an unobstructed work surface. Placing the monitor on the rear shelf not only frees up valuable desk space but also promotes better ergonomics, reducing neck strain and enhancing overall comfort during extended work sessions.

Computer Training Desks - Downview™

Computer Training Desk Downview
The classroom training desk that hides the computer. Improve line of sight between students, customers and instructors. Perfect for business, education and government facilities.

Curved Computer Desks

Florida Atlantic University
NOVA's Curved Computer Desks offer the functionality, style, and configuration options needed for today's digital learning environments. Choose from a wide variety of sizes and styles to fit any application or room layout.

Single and Double User Options: Choose between single user desks for focused individual training or double user desks to encourage collaboration and group activities.

Ergonomic Design: Engineered for comfort and productivity, the desks offer adjustable height options to accommodate various user preferences and ensure a conducive learning experience.

Integrated Cable Management: Keep training spaces tidy and organized with built-in cable management solutions, reducing clutter and creating a neat and professional appearance.

Durable Construction: Crafted with high-quality materials, Nova Solutions' Classroom Training Desks are built to withstand the demands of dynamic learning environments, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Technology Integration: Designed to seamlessly integrate with technology, these desks feature ample space for computers, laptops, and other essential training tools, facilitating an efficient and tech-friendly learning experience.

Customizable Configurations: Tailor the desks to your specific training needs with customizable options, including color choices and additional accessories to enhance functionality.

Collaborative Learning Environment: Whether in a single or double user setup, the desks are designed to promote collaboration, ensuring that educators can easily engage with students and facilitate interactive learning sessions.


Rectangular Grommet

Our standard rectangular grommet offers efficient cable management solutions, keeping wires tidy and organized for a clutter-free workspace, enhancing productivity and safety.

CPU Shelf

Computer Training desks come standard with a convenient CPU shelf on the right, providing a designated space for accessible storage of computer towers, ensuring an organized workspace. No CPU Shelf is an available option, allowing for multiple configurations to suit individual needs.

End Panel Style

The straight end panel, standard in our computer training desks, offers a simple and cost-effective solution. Opting for the contour end panel, while optional and adding $108 for a single and $161 for a double desk, introduces a stylish touch.

Modesty Panel Style

Laminate modesty panels offer a sleek and uniform appearance while concealing wires & cables, whereas perforated metal modesty panels offer a contemporary aesthetic with added ventilation and an industrial touch.

2mm Edge Banding

PVC edge banding provides a durable and seamless finish for furniture and surfaces, offering protection against wear and tear while enhancing aesthetics with a sleek, modern look.