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ADA compliant computer desks & lecterns.

Trusted solutions for education, government, business and medical facilities for over 30 years.

Nova Solutions wheelchair accessible Sit-Stand motorized height adjustable lectern and computer desk with a motorized monitor lift are the ideal solutions to meet required ADA regulations.

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All NOVA products are available in ADA Compliant configurations.
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Sit-Stand Lectern

The premier adjustable height ADA Compliant Lectern!

NOVA’s Sit-Stand wheelchair accessible lecterns are the ideal ADA Compliant solutions for classrooms, auditoriums, lecture halls, convention centers, and more. Available w/ flip-up shelves, rack shelves / drawers, and ventilation fans.

Features the iMod™ wire management system, which organizes and conceals your computer wires within a compartment located on the backside of the unit. A removable modesty panel available in laminate or perforated metal that provides easy access and protection of your electrical, computer, or AV equipment. Learn More

Computer Desks

ADA Compliant / Wheelchair Accessible Computer Desks that hide the computer.

NOVA’s Wheelchair accessible Computer Desks with Trolley™Motorized Monitor Lift Visual Display Option offers a flexible, secure & space-saving monitor solution ideal for today’s digital learning environments. Choose from a wide variety of sizes and styles to fit any application or room layout.


Built to US ADA Clearance Standards

Knee Clearance

General: Knee clearance is considered the space between 9” and 27” above finished floor.
Max Depth: 25” D Maximum at 9” above finished floor
Min Depth: 11” Minimum at 9” above finished floor and 8” minimum at 27” above finished floor.
Clearance Reduction: Between 9” and 27” above ground floor, knee clearance depth may be reduced at a rate of 1” Deep per 6” High.
Width: 30” W Minimum

Toe Clearance

General: Toe clearance is considered the space between finished floor and 9” above finished floor.
Max Depth: 25” D Maximum
Min Depth: 17” Minimum
Additional Clearance: No more than 6“ beyond knee clearance at finshed floor or 9” above finished floor will be considered toe clearance.
Width: 30” W Minimum 

ADA Computer Furniture Specifications