Borough of Manhattan Community College

Borough of Manhattan Community College
199 Chambers St.
New York, NY 10007
United States


Products Used

Computer Training Desks - Trolley™ Monitor Lift

Colors/Finishes Used

Borough of Manhattan Community College

Features NOVA’s Computer Training desks with Trolley monitor lift™ and iMod™ Wire Management Compartment. Borough of Manhattan Community College also features a custom NOVA Sit-Stand instructor desk with the Trolley™ monitor lift. This allows for the ultimate experience between the audience and the presenter. With fewer things on the worksurface, there are minimal distractions and a clean surface to work with. It permits the professor to tuck the monitors away when they want everyone's undivided attention.

This project took advantage of these computer desks with the iMod™ Wire management Compartment system. iMod™ Wire Management conceals and organizes wires to keep them organized and protected. It comes with a power strip and a removable modesty panel, which allows for quick and easy access. The panel is available in both laminate or perforated metal. 

You can control the student desks with NOVALinked™. NOVALinked™ is a networking system that allows total control of NOVA's Trolley™ E & EXL monitor lift kits. All of the monitors can be controlled while utilizing Crestron, Extron, AMX, or other brand controllers. There is also the option to control all of the monitors simultaneously using NOVA's independent switching interface. Turning on the NOVALinked™ system to "ON" will link all of the Trolley™ monitors together for the ultimate control. They can all be lowered or raised simultaneously. If one desires independent use, they can deactivate the up and down buttons by turning off the NOVALinked™ system. NOVALinked™ is available wired or wireless.