Instructor Sit/Stand Desks

Ignite productivity and comfort with NOVA Solutions' ADA-compliant Instructor Sit/Stand Desk, revolutionizing the user's experience with ergonomic design and dynamic functionality.

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  • SitStandInstructorDesk-Up-FL
  • SitStandInstructorDesk-Down-FL
  • SitStandInstructorDesk-Down-FL
  • SitStandInstructorDesk-Up-FR
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  • SitStandInstructorDesk-Down-RR
  • SitStandInstructorDesk-Down-FL
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  • 66-SS305730LX-FPA2124NK_FL_peripherals_closed


Our Sit/Stand Desk are also available with Visual Display Options such as, The Trolley™ Monitor Lift, which uses a motorized lift to hide computer monitors below the worksurface, or our revolutionary and space saving Downview™, which houses your monitor beneath a tinted tempered glass viewport, allowing users to view their monitor with a natural downward gaze.  Accompany these lecterns with our factory installed accessories, such as the flip-up shelves, power centers, or more to maximize any training environment. This solutions is perfect for any teacher or instructor, at any level!


Electric Height Adjustment: Nova Solutions' Sit/Stand Desk offers electrically adjustable height settings, ranging from 30” H up to 42” H, providing users with customizable ergonomic options for optimal comfort during teaching sessions.
High Lift Capacity: With a lift capacity of up to 550 lbs, this desk ensures robust support for various equipment and materials, accommodating the diverse needs of instructors in educational environments.
Secure Storage Options: Featuring a locking Box/Box/File drawer configuration and locking CPU storage, the desk provides secure storage solutions for valuable items, ensuring confidentiality and peace of mind.
Hassle-Free Setup: Shipped fully assembled, the Sit/Stand Desk minimizes installation time and effort, allowing instructors to focus on teaching without the hassle of assembly.

Laminate Worksurface Colors

Laminate Base Colors

Metal Modesty Panel Colors