Prestige Sit/Stand AV Lectern

The Nova Solutions Prestige Sit/Stand AV Lectern is not just a presentation tool; it's a statement of excellence. Elevate your presentations to unparalleled heights with this high-end solution that seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology, sophisticated design, and unparalleled functionality. Welcome to a new era of prestige in presentation solutions.


NOVA's new Prestige Sit/Stand AV Lectern provides motorized height adjustment while keeping your AV equipment stationary.

Meet NOVA's Prestige AV Lectern, our newest member of height adjustable Lecterns. The Prestige AV Lectern features a fixed base which only the work surface and privacy side raise and lower keeping you’re AV equipment stationary. This Lectern is great for in classrooms, auditoriums, lecture halls, convention centers, and more. It is the perfect natural solution to accommodate a variety of speakers. It is important to be able to suit every speaker's needs.


  • Electrically height adjustable from 32” H up to 44” H
  • Lift capacity up to 550 lbs
  • 12 RU rack rail storage in the right compartment with Front and Rear rack rails
  • Locking front and rear access door
  • Product Ships Fully Assembled

    Luxurious Design: The Prestige Sit/Stand AV Lectern boasts a luxurious design, combining premium materials and craftsmanship to elevate the aesthetics of any presentation space.

    Fully Motorized Sit/Stand Functionality: Experience unparalleled comfort with fully motorized sit/stand functionality, allowing presenters to effortlessly adjust the lectern's height to suit their preferences, ensuring a dynamic and engaging presentation.

    Advanced Cable Management: Elevate the visual appeal of your presentation space with advanced cable management solutions, ensuring a clutter-free and professional environment, even with multiple devices connected.

    High-Tech AV Integration: The Prestige Lectern accepts top-tier AV integration, supporting the latest audio-visual technologies for a captivating and immersive presentation experience.

    Premium Materials: Crafted with premium materials, the Prestige Sit/Stand AV Lectern ensures durability, longevity, and a prestigious presence in high-profile presentation settings.

    Customizable Branding: Enhance your brand presence with customizable logo signs, allowing you to showcase your organization's identity and add a touch of exclusivity to your presentations.